Welcome to SafeTech

Safe-Tech Ltd. was founded in 1986 and is located in the city of Carmiel, ISRAEL.

The company invests vast efforts to expose its customers to new, innovative and advanced technologies from around the world, with knowledge based on many years of practical experience along with efficient and professional service.

Our company’s activities are focused on four major areas:

  • HAZ-MAT Safety engineering
  • Gas technology
  • Air Quality (indoor & outdoor)
  • Environmental engineering

Our Services activity:

Our Services activity:

  • Consulting to manufacturing plants and research institutes on working with hazardous chemicals (gases, liquids and powders), from an operational and safety perspective
  • Consulting on occupational hygiene and indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Testing workers exposure to gaseous pollutants in working environments
  • Design of specialty gas supply system for toxic, flammable and high-purity gases
  • Consulting on selection of Gas Monitoring systems and detectors calibration
  • Consulting on selection of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Consulting on Post-Accident Investigation
  • Consulting on disposal of gases and handling gas cylinders
  • Leak testing of gas supply systems
  • Training and drilling of employees, management and ERT (Emergency Response Team)

Safe-Tech is representing leading and innovative international companies:

Our Services activity:

  • Disinfection systems (O3, UV-C)
  • Fixed and portable monitoring systems for gases and vapors.
  • Toxic gas Scrubbers
  • Odor control systems
  • Gas Generators
  • Calibration equipment for monitoring systems
  • Non-ionizing Radiation survey instrumentation
  • RADON gas monitoring instrumentation
  • Gas Technology applications for food products shelf-life extension (CAP, MAP)

For more information, contact us:+972 (0)54-4666879

For more information, and contacting us: +972 (0)54-4666879